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Improving your quality of life with dental implants and All-on-4® dental implant procedure does best.

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Dental implants  are ideal restorations for people who are missing one or more teeth. Tooth loss could have resulted from injury, infection, or any other reason. A dental implant in houston is a metal post that is positioned into the jaw. Once in place, the surrounding bone must be given time to heal. Lastly, a replacement tooth will be attached either through cementation or screw retention. While tooth implants are typically more expensive than other methods of tooth replacement, they provide superior benefits. Screw dental Implants are stronger than natural teeth and generally standalone making them more favorable than bridgework.  A single front tooth implant can add a tooth, and it will not be necessary to modify the surrounding environment.

To receive single tooth implant, you need to have healthy gums and adequate bone to support the implant. You must also be committed to excellent oral hygiene and regular dental visits as these are critical to the long-term success of teeth transplant
Just $10,999 For A Full Arch Acrylic!
Or single implant for $1999
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Get Full dental Implants in just 1 day®

Improving your quality of life with dental implants and All-on-4® dental implant procedure does better than mini dental implants. This groundbreaking solution allows you to recapture the joy of eating the foods you used to love with maximized chewing ability. Teeth will look, act and feel so natural, you may soon forget you had surgery at all.

Benefits of the new teeth in 1 day

  • Full set of natural-looking teeth.
  • Enjoy all foods you like. No limited diet.
  • Easy to care for, just treat them like regular teeth
  • Minimal procedures and visits compared to all other implant procedures.
  • Long-lasting smile that never has to be removed.
  • Prevents sunken jaw appearance due to missing teeth.
  • Never have grandma’s removable dentures.
  • Look & feel years younger.
  • Talk with confidence. No slippage.
Just $10,999 For A Full Arch Acrylic!
Or single implant for $1999
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" Let me start by saying that I did a lot of research before I chose QDT Dental. I visited several offices and interviewed several dentists. Dr Arnau Aparicio is without question THE BEST dentist I’ve ever been to!! His expertise is second to none and he truly cares. Instead of the standard 4 implants, Dr. Aparicio put in 7. He goes the extra mile!! Look no further! "


Before and after
Dental implants. Zirconia bridge.

This patient original came for all on 4 at QDT dental.

We place 6 upper dental implants, but during the healing time the patient lost one of the dental implants. We were able to finish the case with just 5 implants since the missing implant was not critical. This is the main advantage of over engineering all on 4. Since implant dentistry is not 100%, it is better to be safe and place more implants if possible. The final teeth were made with a zirconia bridge by a Houston dentist.

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All-on-4 Treatment Process


Complete oral evaluationFor your All-On-4 implant consultation, you will have a complete oral evaluation including a 3D Radiograph. Most of these radiographs emit high doses of radiation, but at QDT we use the latest technology utilizing an  ultra-low dosage with Plan-Meca.


Evaluation & planningWith the clinical exploration and the CT scan we will plan your implant case on the computer in 3 dimensions. We will simulate all implant placements on the computer, which allows us to see the final results prior to performing the surgery. The objective of this planning is to accurately select the right size of implant or to determine whether you need bone replacement with a bone graft to achieve our desired results.


Treatment PlanAfter your evaluation, we will present a comprehensive treatment plan that informs you of any fillings, crowns, orthodontics, or any other dental treatment you may require. We will together address the findings on the treatment plan and once accepted you will be able to schedule your implant placement procedure and any other treatment you would like to complete.


InstallationFor the All On 4 procedure we will need to numb the area where the missing teeth are located. Next, we make a small incision and screw the implants into the jawbone or maxilla.  It is very important at this stage that the implant is fixed into your bone. We will have a follow up appointment 2 weeks later. At this appointment we will make sure that your gums are healing well, we will remove the stitches if needed, and adjust the bite of your new temporary teeth.


New ImpressionFour months after placement, we will take new impression of your teeth implants.


Final aesthetic & occlusal considerationsTwo weeks after this appointment we will try in your new teeth. We will make the final cosmetic  and bite considerations for your final zirconia permanent bridge.


Final restorationAfter the laboratory processes your final set of cosmetic teeth we will make the final appointment for the delivery of your final tooth bridge.


Follow upSix months later you will need to return to our office once more for a routine radiograph, and follow up dental cleaning.

Just $10,999 For A Full Arch Acrylic!
Or single implant for $1999
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Meet Dr. Aparicio

  • Dr. Arnau Aparicio has been in the field of dentistry for over 10 years
  • Prosthodontics specialty at LSUHSC
  • Certification in Dental technician in Ceramics
  • Diploma of Implant Dentistry from Goteborg University Barcelona
  • Book chapter in Zygomatic implants: the anatomy guide approach
  • Assistant Professor at LSUHSC
  • Past President of the (ADDR) New Orleans
  • Designer of Pin-less dental articulator
  • Fully digital CAD-CAM dental laboratory including All on 4
  • Diploma in Zygomatic implants by Universitat de Barcelona and
He has always been involved in the latest technology through continuing education and certifications. He currently works at QDT with a professional team focusing on oral health with providing restorative and surgical dentistry to patients with highly complex . Dr. Aparicio joined QDT introducing the latest technology available in today's dental practice.
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Before and after
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See what All on 4 Treatment, as well as other complex dental procedures can do for your smile.

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Why Choose Us?

At QDT Dental Team we are committed to you, our patient. We want you to know you are in excellent hands and to feel at home when you arrive to our clinic. We have a positive atmosphere that you will feel as soon as you enter the building.

All your dental needs

We specialize in the All on 4 Treatment, as well as other complex dental procedures. We will give you all necessary treatment options, not just the All on 4. You will be able to choose the type of treatment needed according to the options you are provided with.
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You will get 6 to 8 implants per arch

In our QDT opinion, it is better to place 6 or 8 implants when dealing with a regular edentulous jaw. As a result, the technique is strategically engineered in order to provide more support for the permanent denture. This All-On-6, or even All-On-8 system will be safer and more predictable in the long run, to avoid future complications.
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Final Zirconia Prosthesis fabricated by a Master Ceramist

As a patient you are probably looking for the best dentist to perform your surgery, but the person who will fabricate your teeth also has a big role in the final esthetic outcome. The biggest desire of our patients is to have the smile they always dreamed of and the best looking teeth. We have a certified Master Ceramist on our team; this ceramist is capable of creating true works of art.
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In HOUSE LAB with CAD CAM Technology

Our office has an in office dental lab. Having a laboratory in the office, allows the All-On-4 procedure to be simple, secure, and less time consuming. When an outside party dental lab is used it takes more time to fabricate the permanent denture. This would create more appointments and a longer waiting period to receive the final prosthesis. We strive to provide our patients with the most convenient form of treatment. Our lab allows our office to provide patients with other optional methods of treatment. We are able to provide the patient with the option to receive their final permanent teeth 24 HOURS after surgery. We fabricate all of our prosthesis with CAD CAM. Therefore, the prosthesis is designed on the computer and created by an industrial machine leaving very little room for error.
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Next day Final Zirconia/ Porcelain Prosthesis

The day of the surgery you will receive your dental implants and we will design your teeth on the computer according to your smile and facial esthetics. We will 3D print the teeth the same day of the surgery and 24 hours later we will mill it with Zirconia - Porcelain. The advantage of this technique is you will enjoy your FINAL Prosthesis the very next day avoiding possible complications. This is very useful especially for out of town patients.
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Zygomatic Implants

No bone, no problem. Patients who may have a significant amount of bone loss on the top arch, and are not candidates for all on 4 have an alternative. We can provide you with zygomatic implants. Basically, this implant has additional length that is anchored into the cheek bone. Other implant centers cannot offer this modality. If you have been told at prior consultations that you do not have enough bone, let us show you your alternative options.
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3D facial scanner and 3D X-ray

We will design your teeth according to your face using a facial scanner. This provides a more accurate esthetic outcome. We will use a 3D x-ray to place your dental implants accordingly.
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Life time warranty following ADA guidelines

A lifetime warranty will apply as long as the patient comes in at least every 6 months for their check-up and cleanings. If the patient fails to do so, they lose their warranty. Additional details will be provided to the patient during treatment.
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Just $10,999 For A Full Arch Acrylic!
Or single implant for $1999
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Before and after
Dental implants. Zirconia bridge. Dental Crowns.

Missing teeth on the upper arch and cavities on the lower jaw.

Patient had missing teeth on his upper arch and cavities on the lower jaw. We decided to place 6 tooth implants on the top, following the all on four concept together with 2 implants in the lower and two single tooth implant in the back of his mouth. The crowns were fabricated with zirconia and the upper permanent bridge was done with zirconia as well. Everything was done by our lab technician in house making dental implants affordable.

More Before & Afters

" I went looking for a dentist near me for Implants and was directed to Dr. Aparicio. It was the BEST EXPERIENCE with a dentist I have ever had in my life! Dr. Aparicio is extremely knowledgeable and an excellent dentist (he works like an artist!), but also gentle, friendly and very understanding. He made me feel calm and relaxed and all that “dentist office apprehension” disappeared. I absolutely love my new smile! My teeth look wonderful, I can’t stop smiling! and I only wish I had found this dental office and Dr. Aparicio a long time ago. Would HIGHLY recommend him for any implant needs. "

Kimberly Wilkins