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Before and after
Custom crown.

Patient did not like the appearance of his front tooth cap.

The color did not match correctly and it looked like buck teeth. We made a custom crown fabricated in our dental laboratory. Shade match was accomplished with our master ceramist. Patient left very happy, since both of his front teeth match in color and shape. This procedure takes several appointments. Sometimes up to 5 appointments. It is not easy to achieve shade matching in a single visit.

racial pigmentationfront tooth bleeding
All on 4 dental implants near me

Before and after
All on 4. Full mouth white crowns. Cleaning.

Periodontal disease.

We presented two treatment plans for this patient. The first one was to save her upper front teeth and the second one was to do all on 4 on her upper teeth. She did not want to do anything at this time with her lower teeth. When we presented both options she chose to save her teeth. A deep cleaning was completed and 4 dental implants avoiding sinus graft were performed at QDT dental. A total of 12 white crowns where installed. She was able to save here remaining teeth without doing extensive bone graft procedures.

periodontal diseaseFull mouth white crowns
White crowns
Angulated dental implants rx

Before and after
Dental implants. Permanent zirconia bridge.

Patient with missing upper teeth.

Getting all on 4 dental implants can be beneficial for a patient with missing teeth. By just placing 4 tooth implants we can restore the entire arch. Tooth implant cost can be reduced if just 4 implants are placed, but long-term outcome could be compromise. A better approach would be to place 2 more to provide better stability of the dental prosthetics. A zirconia crown bridge was delivered 4 months after the implant placement.

Missing upper teethAll on 4 zirconia bridge
multi unit abutments zirconia full bridge
dental screws

Before and after
Dental implants. Custom shading.

Dental implant surgery for a single tooth is a simple procedure.

The tooth implant placement can be done in just a few minutes, especially when remaining bone is adequate. Then, 4 months later we can restore the implant tooth with a cap crown connected with an abutment. Note the shade matching only possible with an in-house dental laboratory technician skilled at matching color. The other alternative is to replace the missing tooth with a partial. The removable partial can be very uncomfortable and bulky for a single tooth.

missing front toothtooth implants near me

Before and after
Dental implants. Zirconia bridge.

Patient with broken tooth crown.

A broken tooth crown is very common with porcelain fused to metal (PFM) or all porcelain crowns. Now a days with zirconia crowns it becomes easier to avoid tooth crown fracture and to have front tooth replacement. We replaced this old bridge with zirconia tooth bridge in just two appointments. Each tooth zirconia bridge is stained in our dental laboratory. To avoid a chipped tooth like this a night guard is recommended.

anterior bridge brokenEsthetic front bridge
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