Before & After

Before and after
Tooth implants & permanent zirconia bridge.

Having a new set of teeth can bring happiness and this is the proof.

Another chance in life to be able to smile is worth the cost of dental implants. We delivered 12 zirconia tooth caps in this dental clinic. At QDT dental we have the best dentist and dental technician capable of doing dental teeth. The implants were done immediately after removing the teeth, and the dentist provided a permanent denture bridge after the dental implants healed. We are not just family dentistry here at QDT dental we are also a Specialist dentist.

Smile with cavitiesNew smile
All on 4 dental implants near me

Before and after
Root canal retreatment. New crown. Dental veneers.

Patient presented with an abscess associated with tooth number 8.

Her previous dentist recommended to have the tooth removed and to get a front tooth implant. We gave the patient two options. the first option was to save the tooth with a root canal retreatment and new crown together with dental veneers for #7-10. The second option was to get the front implant immediately after the extraction. Patient choose the first option. Picture was taken 4 years after the procedure

Front tooth chippedCosmetic dentistry
Front CrownCosmetics front crown

Before and after
Dental implants. Permanent bridge in a very short time.

Severe attrition and erosion can lead to missing teeth and bite pain.

When grinding is present is better to avoid immediate loading implants or try to save as much teeth as possible. This patient came for all on 4 dental treatment, but we recommended to save the upper back teeth and do all on 4 on the lower arch. Patient received the final implant bridge next day all made with zirconia porcelain.

OverbiteAll on 4 zirconia bridge

Before and after
Front veneers.

This patient came to our office with very old composite bonding on her teeth.

She wanted to enhance her smile by replacing the old dental bonding with porcelain veneers. This procedure took as little as two appointments to reinvent her smile. In the first appointment we began with removing all of the old filling material and taking new impressions of the teeth. We then proceeded with creating temporary veneers to mimic the final veneers.  A few weeks after this first appointment we delivered her final and permanent veneers. This particular case was challenging because the patient was missing two of her front teeth. The patient was very happy with her results and her new natural looking smile.

Chipped front toothFront veneers

Before and after
Dental implants. Teeth whitening.

Patient severe horizontal bone loss.  

Periodontal disease is multifactorial. This particular patient is a smoker and presented with a medical history of years of uncontrolled diabetes. He had severe horizontal bone loss. We recommended to extract his upper teeth and replace them with permanent dentures. Full dental implants are also an alternative solution for conventional crown and bridge work.  Maintenance is the key for successful dental implants. Good oral hygiene and professional cleaning every 6 months will promote long term results.

Smile with decaySmile on four
Teeth decayInside all on 4
All on six
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