Before & After

Before and after
Dental implants. Oll on 4.

This patient presented with missing teeth on her maxilla.

Patient is a grinder and has a lower partial at the bottom. We delivered 6 tooth implants on the top. Since the implants had a lot of anchorage at the day of the surgery we were able to make here permanent denture the same day of the surgery.  Full mouth dental implants are a good alternative to replace old dentures. Dental implant cost is lower than before.

No teeth upperAcrylic all on 4
All on 4 surgery
All on 4 surgery
Screw teeth

Before and after
Dental Implants.

Chipped front tooth

Chipped front tooth and cavities can eventually become missing front tooth. Replacing missing tooth can be done with a 3-unit bridge or dental implant. For a three-unit bridge we will need to reduce the adjacent teeth to replace the missing one, whereas a dental implant we can preserve the integrity of the adjacent teeth. A dental implant would be the first choice to replace front tooth. During the healing time of the implant a provisional tooth can be attached to the implant as long as is not being use for chewing.

Front tooth chippedCosmetic dentistry
Custom abutment

Before and after
Permanent bridge. Porcelain work.

Severe attrition and erosion can lead to missing teeth and bite pain.

Dental implant cost can be expensive especially if bone graft and tissue graft is needed. Other alternatives like a tooth bridge can be used since the dental bridge cost is lower. We replaced the missing tooth with an affordable tooth bridge. We also restored the receding gum with pink porcelain. The down side of a 3-unit bridge is the need for reduction of the adjacent teeth.  Everything was done at QDT Dental including porcelain work in our dental lab.

missing tooth front3 unit bridge
missing one tooth3 unit bridge

Before and after
Dental implants. Same day delivery.

Bringing people natural smiles is what we like the most.

We had to pull all his teeth and provide dental implants same day. A total of 12 implants where placed to restore the entire mouth. Placing affordable tooth implants can be done here at QDT Dental. A dentist in Houston capable of not just placing dental implant, but also restoring them will provide the white smile that you are looking for!

Horrible smileNatural Smile
xray dental implants

Before and after
Dental implants. Teeth crown.

Patient with bone loss and deep pockets

This case presented with bone loss cavities and deep pockets. Front teeth needed to be pulled and replaced with cosmetic dental implants. 3 dental implants where placed and teeth crown positioned on top of the dental implants. A temporary prosthesis was done during healing time. The procedure was done painless at Houston dental office.

Missing front teethFront dental implant
Natural smile
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