Before & After

Before and after
All on 6. Custom teeth made with zirconia.

Patient presented with missing teeth, chipped front tooth and cavities.

We recommend to pull all his teeth and replaced it with all on four dental implants. At QDT Dental we fabricate custom teeth made with zirconia. Only a dentist near me at Houston provides our patients with final permanent bridges. Full smile dental is possible.

Smile with cavitiesNew white smile
CavitiesAll on 4
xr all on 6

Before and after
All on 4 and permanent zirconia bridge.

Zirconia Implants

We offered all the treatment options at QDT Dental. Patient had 6 upper tooth implants all on 4 and a permanent bridge made with zirconia implants. The dental office is conveniently located in Houston and we provide all type of dental services: root canals, crows, dentures, dental implants, white fillings, teeth whitening everything done in a single dental office.

Smile crownsSmile zirconia
all on 6

Before and after
Dental implants. All on 8. Permanent bridge.

Upper fixed teeth bridge and lower zirconia implants.

Teeth grinding and having an acidic diet can promote teeth wear or chipped tooth. This patient was not able to eat his food and looked for dentist near me. At QDT dental we have affordable dentist in Houston that can perform tooth implants and full mouth implants and teeth in a day without the need to wear regular dentures no more. Patient received upper fixed teeth bridge and lower zirconia implants.

Wear teethAll on 4 zirconia bridge
xr all on 8

Before and after
All on 6 dental implants. Standard implants.

A case like this borderline needs zygoma implants or standard implants.

The patient had minimal bone left around her jaw due to wearing dentures for many years. Patient wanted to have permanent dentures done by a Houston dentist. At QDT Dental we provided all on 6 and all on 5 without the need of bone graft or zygoma implants. Fixed dental bridge was done in the same dental office providing a complete dental care experience for this patient.

BeforeWhite smmile
surgery all on 6
rx all on 6

Before and after
Dental venners.

Teeth bonding can fix cavities and cosmetic dental problems up to a certain extent.

Cosmetic dentistry like dental veneers together with Invisalign or clear retainer can really improve the overall dental esthetics. Clear braces will move the teeth accordingly to the esthetic analysis. After the teeth have shifted teeth veneers can be installed. Now the teeth are brighter and healthier than before.

Crooked teethVenners
crooked teethwhite venners
Veneers smile
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