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Before and after
Dental implants. Lumineers.

Patient was looking for Lumineers in Houston, TX.

We performed Lumineers in 2 appointments. The first appointment we accommodate the teeth and delivered provisionals.  For the second appointment, we delivered the Lumineers.  Her bite was adjusted allowing the function and dental esthetics to be reestablished.

Teeth decayCosmetic veneers

Before and after
Dental crowns. Crossbite correction.

Patient with old crowns in bad color and shape.

Patient had old dental crowns. The color and shape were inadequate. Additionally, he had a cross bite. Patient opted to correct crossbite without Invisalign or traditional orthodontics.  We corrected his bite as much as possible with Emax crowns. The procedure was completed within 3 appointments. First, we acclimate the teeth for the porcelain crowns. Then, we fabricate temporary crowns. Lastly, 1 month after we delivered the final crowns.

Front tooth chippedCosmetic dentistry

Before and after
Dental implants.

Patient with failing dentition.

Dental tooth implants were recommended to fix his dentition. We placed two dental implants to replace the entire dental bridge, since patient had no bone in the anterior maxilla. Patient declined bone graft procedure. It took around 6 months to complete the treatment.

missing front teethFront bridge

Before and after
Dental crowns. Bad implants fixing.

Patient presented with 2 Straumann dental implants located at the front two teeth area.

The implants were placed in the wrong location. Additionally, the patient had a gummy smile which made the case more complex. We did a soft tissue graft together with pink composite to correct the defect. A single tooth crown was placed to restore #7 and another was done for #10. The end result was adequate considering the complexity of the cases

bad implantssmile implants

Before and after
Dental implants. Zirconia prosthesis.

Patient had severe periodontal disease, including tooth mobility and bleeding gums.

Patient was looking for a dental implant solution. We offered him all on 4 dental implants. Patient decided to go with all on 4 top and bottom. The procedure was done in one day and 4 months later the patient received a final prosthesis made with zirconia.

Teeth decaySmile all on four
All on six
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