Before & After

Before and after
Tooth implants all on 4.

Patient presented with bone loss around his teeth and dental decay.

The patient had a provisional crown that bacteria was growing around. We recommend to do 4 in 1 dental implants. We removed all remaining teeth and crowns and place dental implants on his upper and lower arch. We completed surgery and prostheses all the same day. The average cost of dental implants can be more expensive than preventive dentistry. Doing regular checkups every 6 months can be keep dentistry more affordable.

Smile with cavitiesNew smile
bad teethinside acrylic  all on 4
All on 4 dental implants near me

Before and after
Dental implants and a zirconia bridge.

Patient with severe periodontal disease.

Patient presented with severe periodontal disease. Patient had mobility of his teeth.  He was also very concerned about the gaps in between his teeth. Due to the loss of bone, full permanent dentures with dental implants was recommended. Patient agreed with pulling his teeth and getting tooth implants. Best dental implants are a great option to replace damage teeth. Patient received a total of 6 upper implants and a zirconia bridge attached to it.

Periodontal deseaseTeeth in one day
All on 4
All on 4 rx

Before and after
Dental implants. White crowns.

Teeth zirconia crowns can be excellent to replace old metal crowns and old silver fillings.

White crowns can give you more confidence smiling especially if a gummy smile is present. Patient received dental tooth implants and white crowns replacing the missing teeth and fixed the cavities. The color and shape of the teeth was chosen by the patient and discussed with an in-house dental laboratory technician. The results were exceptional using teeth zirconia crowns done by a dentist in Houston at QDT Dental.

Missing two front teethWHite crowns

Before and after
Permanent zirconia bridge.

Patient had dental cavities and broken crowns.

His upper front cap was moving and teeth were not white enough. He wanted to get his upper teeth replaced with dental implants and maintain his lower teeth. We pulled his upper teeth and placed dental implants. The same day he got a permanent bridge attached to the dental implants everything done in one day. The entire procedure was done in our implant center in Houston at QDT Dental.

Broken front bridgeSmile zirconia bridge
Broken front bridgezirconia bridge
Teeth in one day

Before and after
Dental implants.

Full month reconstruction.

White teeth caps were used on her upper teeth and on the lower a white fixed zirconia bridge. The lower teeth were pulled and replaced with four dental implants. Since there was no bone in the back of the mouth only all on 4 was possible to install. All the implants survived and a permanent zirconia bridge was elaborated after the healing of the dental implants. It took 4 months for the implants to heal correctly with a proper soft diet.

gaps front teethSmile on four
4 in 1 dental implants
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