Before & After

Before and after
Tooth implants & permanent zirconia bridge.

Patient had failing dental implants and missing front teeth.

Patient had failing dental implants and missing front teeth. Patient wanted All on 4, but we were able to resolve it with two front tooth implants and a permanent zirconia bridge.

Front Gap SmileAll on 4
Dental DiseaseZirconia all on 4
All on 4 teethFull Month Implants

Before and after
Dental implants. Zirconia bridge.

This patient original came for all on 4 at QDT dental.

We place 6 upper dental implants, but during the healing time the patient lost one of the dental implants. We were able to finish the case with just 5 implants since the missing implant was not critical. This is the main advantage of over engineering all on 4. Since implant dentistry is not 100%, it is better to be safe and place more implants if possible. The final teeth were made with a zirconia bridge by a Houston dentist.

Bad TeethAll in 4
Xr All on 4

Before and after
Dental implants & permanent bridge in a very short time.

When patients come from out of town from Houston.

We can provide the final prosthesis 2 days after the surgery. The patient will get the dental implants and we will deliver a 3D printer provisional prosthetic the same day. The day after we can provide the final zirconia permanent bridge. The patient was able to get dental implants and permanent bridge done in a very short time, since we have an inhouse laboratory including CAD/CAM technology like a Cerec machine and 3D printing.

OverbiteAll on 4 zirconia bridge

Before and after
Dental implants. Zirconia bridge. Dental Crowns.

Missing teeth on the upper arch and cavities on the lower jaw.

Patient had missing teeth on his upper arch and cavities on the lower jaw. We decided to place 6 tooth implants on the top, following the all on four concept together with 2 implants in the lower and two single tooth implant in the back of his mouth. The crowns were fabricated with zirconia and the upper permanent bridge was done with zirconia as well. Everything was done by our lab technician in house making dental implants affordable.

Buck TeethDental Transformation
Dental ProblemsFull month dental implants
Full Month reconstruction

Before and after
Dental implants & permanent zirconia bridge. Teeth whitening.

Patient had an overbite, missing teeth, cavities and recurrent decay on his teeth cap.

The smile dental was not the best overall. He wanted to improve his appearance and chewing efficacy. We decided to pull all his upper teeth and place six dental implants at our dental clinic in Houston. After 4 months, the patient came back for his final permanent bridge denture. He chose Zirconia crowns. We also made teeth adjustments on his lower jaw to improve the dental cosmetics. Lastly, laser teeth whitening was utilized to further enhance the aesthetics of the lower teeth.

Deep OverbiteTeeth whitening
Replace missing tooth
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