There are many reasons a patient may feel their speech is different than before having the All on 4 procedure, reasons are but not limited to.

  • Space air going through the prosthesis
  • Inadequate positioning of the anterior teeth
  • Teeth are too high or too bulky

One of the most common speech problems after an All on 4 procedure is caused by air flowing through space in between gums and your prosthesis, especially on the maxilla or top arch/jaw.  Making it difficult to pronounce letters like “D” or “F”.  Too much air flowing through this space often times causes a lisp.      To resolve this extra acrylic or porcelain will need to be added to the prosthesis. An in- house lab technician will be necessary fix this type of problem. Here at Quality Dental Team we have one on site!

Another reason for speech difficulty is positioning of the teeth, mainly the upper front (anterior) teeth. If the anterior teeth are too far forward or too far back it can make it very difficult to pronounce certain letters. To resolve this type of problem, the prosthesis will need to be remade. Making it imperative for the patient to wear the prototype for at least two weeks before making the final All on 4 prosthesis.

The problem of teeth being too high or long is often seen with classic All on 4 cases made from acrylic and a titanium bar. We frequently see before and after cases with the final product resembling “horse teeth”.  Typically this is due to a poorly designed treatment plan.  The proper method to resolving this type of problem would be changing the prosthetic material from acrylic to zirconia or more extensively by redoing the entire surgery.

Last but not least, bulky teeth can also cause speech difficulty.  This type of problem is cause by the positioning of the implant.  If the implant is not positioned just right this may result in a bulky prosthesis. Hanging or bulky prosthesis can affect the tongue position making it impossible to move and or speak properly. Not to worry because these issues can be easily fixed and most times on site.  Having excellent communication with your dentist is key!

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