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We specialize in teeth restoration.  Following are our key offerings, we work with dental referrals or walk-ins. We also provide free 2nd opinion consultation. Call us at 713-621-777 or ask your dentist if he offers prosthodontics services.  We are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your dental health needs. 

Composite Fillings

Fade fillings

It is important to replace fading composite fillings in order to avoid cavities or malfunction. If composites are chipped or worn they may not function properly to chew food and may even cause food to get stuck between your teeth. 


Missing Front Tooth

Missing Tooth

Front teeth are very important, not only for esthetic reasons, but also more importantly for function - pronunciation and to eat. It becomes difficult to pronounce letters like “D” or “F”, and it will also be difficult to bite or tear into foods such as apples or breads.


Missing Several Teeth

Missing Several Teeth

Missing Several Teeth

Many of us have had a tooth removed over time for numerous reasons periodontal disease, cavities or a traumatic event. No matter what the cause, all teeth in our mouth play a big role. The back teeth are design to support the forces of mastication (chewing/grinding) and your front teeth are for cutting, speaking and, for a Smile.


Hopeless Teeth

My Teeth are Hopeless

Teeth can be hopeless due to decay or bone loss. If it is because of caries the cavity gets very close to the bone making the tooth un-restorable, and ultimately the tooth needs to be extracted. Bone-loss could be one of the reasons why teeth are deemed hopeless. Once a lot of bone around the tooth is lost, due to periodontal disease, the tooth could become hard to clean around. 


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Crown Replacement

The most common reason for the replacement of an existing crown is recurrent caries at the interface between the crown and the tooth. Recession of the gingiva and mismatched color may also be a reason for replacement. Lastly, the crown may simply be misaligned leading to a need for replacement.