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There are many different circumstances that can lead to a person having teeth that are misaligned. One of the reasons can be due to myofunctional habits.  During childhood some individuals may have developed an oral habit that lead to misalignment of permanent teeth during their teens and adulthood.

Other reasons such as growth discrepancy between the upper and lower jaw can play a big role in misalignment as well as genetics.

When teeth are not in alignment, this can lead to many problems for the individual.  Functionally, the person may have trouble when trying to eat or speak in rare cases it can lead to TMJ disorder.  Additionally, there can be an esthetic impact. Teeth may not look as pleasant since the position of them is not ideal. When teeth are crowded or have too much spacing it could lead to periodontal disease. Periodontal disease can be attributed as a direct result of the difficulty to maintain hygiene with these teeth. 

When the teeth are not in alignment you may brush daily but you may miss some teeth that are tucked behind other teeth.  The toothbrush will not get into tight spots and that’s where we need to try to floss. Over time when these areas are unintentionally neglected, and we begin to see inflamed gums, bleeding and bone loss, which is the overall progression from gingivitis to periodontal disease.

No matter how you may have acquired your misaligned teeth we here at Quality Dental are equipped to straighten them up.  We offer new alternatives to movement such as Invisalign aligners and Clear Correct if you want to be discrete.  We also offer traditional metal braces if you would prefer to move your teeth faster and have more control over minor tooth movements.  Most orthodontic treatment ranges from 12-24 months and with innovative technology we can now cut treatment times in half.  Propel and AOOO orthodontics help move teeth faster in 1 to 2 treatments. 

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Let me start by saying that I did a lot of research before I chose Quality Dental. I visited several offices and interviewed several dentists. Dr Arnau Aparico is without question THE best dentist I’ve ever been to!! His expertise is second to none and he truly cares. Instead of the standard 4 implants, Dr. Aparico put in 7. He goes the extra mile!! Look no further!
— Bj Kochendorfer


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  1. The first appointment will be an initial consultation.  Here we will take a single Panoramic Radiograph and evaluate your dentition to determine if you are a candidate for invisalign treatment. 

  2. After we determine if invisalign is the best choice for you, we will immediately begin your case by taking intra and extra-oral pictures. The pictures along with the silicone impressions and bite registration obtained will be sent to invisalign to fabricate your aligners. 

  3. In 2-3 weeks we will receive your personalized aligners.  We will contact your to come to the office and we will try them for fit and your will be given instructions for usage and maintenance.  You will need to wear your retainers for 20-22 hours per day for them to be most affective and only remove them for eating and drinking dark liquids as they may stain.

  4. If you have a special even such as your wedding day you may remove your trays for short period of time For Example:  The wedding ceremony and pictures J

  5. During treatment you will need to stop by the office every 6 weeks so that we can track the movement of your teeth and deliver the next set of aligners.  At these recall visits we may add attachments to teeth or modify the shape of some teeth as requested by invisalign to aid in the movement of your teeth.

  6. Most cases can range from 6 to 24 months depending on the severity of the case and the time frame is discussed during the initial consultation so there are no surprises.


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Dr. Arnau Aparicio has been in the field of dentistry for over 10 years and specialized in Prosthodontics . He obtained Certifications in Dental Ceramics and Implant Dentistry Goteborg BCN . He served as an Assistant Professor and president of the (ADDR) New Orleans Chapter. He has always been involved in the latest technology through continuing education and certifications. He currently works at QDT with a professional team focusing on oral health with providing restorative and surgical dentistry to patients with highly complex . Dr. Aparicio joined QDT introducing the latest technology available in today's dental practice.  

I went looking for a dentist near me for Implants and was directed to Dr. Aparicio. It was the BEST EXPERIENCE with a dentist I have ever had in my life! Dr. Aparicio is extremely knowledgeable and an excellent dentist (he works like an artist!), but also gentle, friendly and very understanding. He made me feel calm and relaxed and all that “dentist office apprehension” disappeared. I absolutely love my new smile! My teeth look wonderful, I can’t stop smiling! and I only wish I had found this dental office and Dr. Aparicio a long time ago. Would HIGHLY recommend him for any implant needs.
— Rosario Mendez

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