Meet Dr. Aparicio


My story

I grew up in Barcelona, Spain. Although, it is a rather large city I was raised in the mountains where the community was very small and personable.

As a child, I had many hobbies, but I mostly enjoyed working on my bicycles and motorcycles. It was then I began to realize I enjoyed repairing and problem solving. 

Some passions of mine are spending time with family and friends. My father and I both enjoy windsurfing. We traveled the world chasing the wind and surfing some of the nicest beaches. Places I hold close to my heart include: Costa Rica, Mauricio, Egypt, Jordan, Venezuela, India, the Dominican Republic and Europe.  My travels have taught me to appreciate and respect the difference of cultures. I enjoy hearing peoples stories and experiencing new foods. I am fluent in Spanish, Catalan, English and understand many other languages such as Portuguese, Italian and French. 

my love of dentistry

I come from a long lineage of dentist, I realized early in my age that I could not escape my own destiny. My father is a dentist and my grandfather and great grandfather were both dental laboratory technicians. Luckily I truly love what I do.  

I began my studies in Madrid, Spain. But my specialty in prosthodontics started after my father introduced me to Avisahi Sadan, one of the best prosthodontist in the USA. 

Dr. Sadan is currently the dean of dentistry at USC. I spent time training under Dr. Sadan's supervision and where I discovered my passion for restoration dentistry.  I earned a position in the Prosthodontics residency in New Orleans, LA at LSUHSC. 

I dedicated three years of my life to immersing myself in prosthodontics. I graduated from the program and was offered a position on the Faculty at Louisiana State University School of Dentistry. I worked as a faculty member and at faculty practice for three years after graduation.

My Specialty

Dr. Arnau Aparicio has been in the field of dentistry for over 8 years and specialized in Prosthodontics . He obtained Certifications in Dental Ceramics and Implant Dentistry Goteborg BCN .

He served as an Assistant Professor and president of the (ADDR) New Orleans Chapter. He has always been involved in the latest technology through continuing education and certifications.

He currently works at QDT with a professional team focusing on oral health with providing restorative and surgical dentistry to patients with highly complex .

Dr. Aparicio joined QDT introducing the latest technology available in today's dental practice.