Latest Technolgy

The QDT Dental uses the most Innovative dental technology.

Convenient In-Office Dental Laboratory

We are among the elite few dentists in Houston to house our very own ceramic laboratory.  This amenity gives us the ability to create precision-crafted ceramic crowns and veneers.  Dr. Aparicio is always in direct communication with his ceramist, giving him the ability to make modifications or color adjustment, leaving little room for error.  This can be accomplished without multiple appointments, saving the patient time.

Dr. Aparicio and Ms. Tatiana collaborate on all aspects of smile design to create the most beautiful, natural looking and longest lasting restorations. From the imaging and prototype design, to the esthetic verification and final permanent bonding they work together to fabricate superior ceramic veneers and crowns. The in-office dental laboratory allows us to avoid communication problems commonly encountered with outsourcing dental work.

At any point in the process we can stop and discuss discrepancies, so potential complications are never overlooked or missed.  Everything is controlled and fabricated in-house to ensure the best possible results, and the greatest patient convenience and satisfaction.  In an age where most porcelain work is sent off to third-world countries to reduce labor costs, or manufactured in mass volume, this is a rare distinction. Our system allows the ceramist to understand the patient’s desires and gives the patient the opportunity to approve or modify their custom smile even at the final bonding appointment.

The demand today is for low-cost laboratory services as corporate dentistry buys up smaller dental offices and negotiate volume services from large profit-driven laboratories.  These laboratories often look for the cheapest labor possible to meet contract requirements.  

We are very proud to have in-office an individualized setting that allows us to create high-quality cosmetic smile makeovers by artistically gifted professionals. With no need for shipping or outsourcing we can provide permanent teeth in 24 hours if requested. Our dedication to quality care and patient satisfaction is just one more thing that separates us from other dental clinics.

Digital Impressions

Digital impressions are the more modern and high-quality system used to obtain the records needed to fabricate quality crowns, veneers or diagnostics models.  This is obtained by using a small camera, intraoral scanner, to piece together the necessary information needed for these models.  Intraoral scanning was introduced to the dental community around the early 90’s.  Since, then the technology has greatly improved and became more efficient, leading to it being the more preferred method within the dental industry.  This system is healthier and more safe than traditional impressions as the potential choking hazard is eliminated.  Intraoral scanning provides excellent results and is overall a more pleasant experience for patients.

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In-office Milling

The millings machine works with your digital impression to produce ceramic inlays, onlays and new crowns for teeth.  The 3D imaging software is able to recreate the exact shape and size of our patients’ teeth, all with the click of a button. We fabricate same-day restorations of permanent dental crowns and dental implants, providing overall faster restorative dentistry.

How does it work?

The 3D imaging software that the milling machine relies on creates a detailed representation of your teeth.  It gets its information from the intraoral scanner and processes it to display a full 3D model of your mouth.  That information is then refined to highlight the areas of the model that need restorations or replacement crowns, with the help of Computer-Aided Design (CAD).  In the end, the milling unit sculpts the designed restorations out of a ceramic block. This chosen block will be nearly identical to your natural tooth color, all within 10-20 minutes.
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In-office 3D Printing

Having a 3D printer dedicated to dentistry is especially convenient for quality crown and bridge temporaries. A temporary crown can be printed in just under 30 minutes with an amazing fit to the tooth. The printer can produce high quality temps that are smooth so you do not have that feeling of a scratched tooth surface that you may feel after fabricating a temporary crown chairside.  If you need a night guard for veneers we also have the ability to design and print it with this technology.  One of the biggest advancements seen with 3D Printing in dentistry is denture fabrication. Now a days we can design a denture on the computer and print it in matter of minutes.

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L-PRF™ Dental is a simple chair-side procedure that produces a thin, compressed layer of platelet rich fibrin.  This three-dimensional autogenous combination of platelet rich fibrin is derived from the patient’s blood, so it is 100% natural. The fibrin is strong, pliable and suitable for suturing.  Growth factors and Cytokines are derived from the blood platelets and leukocytes, which have been reported to aid in healing during the critical first seven days of the healing process of dental implants.  This procedure helps our patients heal faster, with an overall reduction in pain and discomfort.
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" I went looking for a dentist near me for Implants and was directed to Dr. Aparicio. It was the BEST EXPERIENCE with a dentist I have ever had in my life! Dr. Aparicio is extremely knowledgeable and an excellent dentist (he works like an artist!), but also gentle, friendly and very understanding. He made me feel calm and relaxed and all that “dentist office apprehension” disappeared. I absolutely love my new smile! My teeth look wonderful, I can’t stop smiling! and I only wish I had found this dental office and Dr. Aparicio a long time ago. Would HIGHLY recommend him for any implant needs. "

Kimberly Wilkins