1. A clinical and radiographic evaluation will be performed to make sure there are no remaining pieces of teeth or defects in the bone.  We will also check to make sure there is no pathology present prior to treatment.
  2. If you are a candidate we will take molds of your teeth and a bite registration.
  3. The second appointment will consist of us trying on the prototype of your denture.  In this appointment we will focus on the function and esthetics of your teeth to make sure you are going to receive your desired smiles when your final denture is delivered.
  4. At our last appointment, we will deliver your denture and reestablish your bite. Keep in mind that most upper dentures will work very well initially, but almost all lower dentures will need two implants places to adequately secure it and make it stable.  This is due to your tongue and cheeks moving and causing it to dislodge.