Teeth whitening

We are hard on our teeth.  We drink acidic drinks such as wine, coffee and soda.  We eat foods that are very pigmented. These drinks and foods stain our teeth.  Some of them also wear the enamel on our teeth.  Smoking is another factor that can change the color of your enamel.  The more you use tobacco products the more staining you will see on your teeth.  Everything we do needs to be in moderation.  One glass of wine will not stain your teeth, but is it is a nightly glass maybe you should consider drinking through a straw to reduce the amount that touches the enamel of the front teeth.

Genetics also come into play when it comes to the shade of your teeth.  Primary teeth are usually whiter than permanent teeth.  Many parents are surprised when children first loose their baby teeth.  They see the permanent teeth and notice it is more yellow than the primary teeth.  This is normal.  Some people are just born with yellow. 

If you know your teeth were naturally lighter in the past and now they are starting to appear more yellow then there are further reasons.  Age is something that catches up with us all.  Over time your enamel naturally turn more yellow.  This is can be attributed to all the years of wear and tear on your teeth.  Medication can cause yellowing of the teeth and can also cause your mouth to become more dry and your teeth to become more yellow.   No matter the cause of your discoloration here at Quality Dental we can help you get a bright white smile.  We offer ZOOM chair side whitening to help you achieve the smile you want.  Make an appointment to get an evaluation and see where you stand and how many shades we can improve for you.

Whitening sequence

  1. Many are not aware that a consultation is required to perform bleachng. At this appointment we will perform a clinical and radiographic examination to make sure that you are the right candidate for external bleaching. Please keep in mind that fillings, porcelain crowns or veneers will not change color. Also keep in mind that not all teeth will react the same, specifically teeth that are dense in enamel.
  2. The entire procedure takes 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete. We will use a resin material to isolate the gingival to prevent any type gum irritation.
  3. Next, the bleaching material will be applied to your teeth and we will increase the effectiveness with the ZOOM light.
  4. You will have immediate results after this and we will give you additional bleaching gel to take home so you can maintain the desired color.
  5. After bleaching instructions will be given to avoid red wines or foods that can stain teeth to prolong your desired color.